April 22, 2019


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase a TriStar Protection Plan contract?

TriStar is there for you when you need repairs. We have what you need to get back on the road quickly: roadside assistance, towing, a rental car, direct payment to the repair facility of your choice, and trip interruption! In addition to all of these great protections, a TriStar vehicle service contract increases your car’s trade-in value.

How does a TriStar vehicle service contract work?

  1. You purchase a TriStar vehicle service contract from your dealer or selling agent and place in your car for safe keeping.
  2. If your vehicle breaks down or ends up on the side of the road, Tristar is there to help get you back on your way worry-free.
  3. TriStar pays covered claims directly to your repair facility so you can get back to your life and everything else, hassle free.

What does a TriStar service contract cover?

A lot. Each plan is tailored to your vehicle, how often you drive, the length of time you plan to keep your vehicle, and the options you select when purchasing your vehicle service contract. In addition, TriStar provides Roadside Assistance as a standard feature to all service contracts at no additional cost to keep you and your vehicle safe.  Learn more about our TriStar products by clicking here.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course! Each TriStar plan has a 30-day full money back guarantee (provided no claims). After 30 days, upon your written request, TriStar will refund the pro-rated unused portion of your service plan. Contact your selling agent for details. See your contract for specific state rules and regulations.

How are repair claims processed?

Timely, efficiently and with the consumer experience in mind. See our File a Claim page for detailed information.

Where can I get my car repaired?

TriStar vehicle service contracts are welcomed at virtually every repair facility in the U.S. and Canada, as well as at all TriStar dealerships with a service facility. The dealership that sold the vehicle is often the best option for your repairs. Look for ASE certified mechanics in your area.

Are modified vehicles eligible for TriStar coverage?

It depends on the modification. Be sure to discuss with your sales agent or a TriStar representative, any planned vehicle modification to prevent your service contract from being inadvertently voided or ineligible for coverage..

*Manufacturer’s warranty coverage varies by manufacturer. Please see manufacturer for details

*Note that not every benefit listed is available in every state. Please see your agreement for a complete description of the applicable exclusions and benefit terms and conditions