April 22, 2019

Vehicle Service Contract

Vehicle Service Contract

Congratulations on your new car purchase! Though your car may have come with a manufacturer’s warranty, it’s smart to invest in a more complete protection plan that works for you and your family, 24/7.

A vehicle is essential to the way most of live today. We rely on our cars for many things. But the unexpected sometimes sneaks up on us when we least expect it, such as a mechanical breakdown. With a TriStar Protection Plan, you can avoid some of those costly repairs. That’s because our vehicle service contract provides coverage beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

TriStar’s plan isn’t one size fits all: we know that you need choices. You can select the terms that meet the needs of your lifestyle. You choose the length of coverage and number of miles, as well as the specifics of what’s covered — from Powertrain to Comprehensive. Each choice is yours.


  • Substitute Transportation
  • Towing
  • Trip Interruption
  • Easily Transferable
  • Direct Payment
  • Choice of Deductible

* Note that not every benefit listed is available in every state. Please see your agreement for a complete description of the applicable exclusions and benefit terms and conditions.